Gen Z is Surprising Us Again

Our new report reveals a twist in the road to EV adoption

In our latest Energy Pulse™ study, 13% of Americans reported that they’re interested in buying an electric vehicle – up from 8% in 2018. But even as interest rises, charging stations proliferate and battery capacity grows, the barriers to buying EVs persist.

One generation, though, isn’t thinking so much about the barriers. Gen Z is already thinking about what comes after EVs as we know them today.

They look at transportation differently than previous generations, and they’re changing their behaviors accordingly. Their coming of age could change the road ahead for EVs.

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  • learn how EV owners are getting over their EV charging anxiety (and why they’re not waiting on you to help)
  • dig into utilities’, brands’ and cities’ opportunities around EVs and other climate-conscious mobility options, and
  • discover why Gen Z might leapfrog over EVs in their quest for sustainability

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