GreenBiz 21 Breakout Session

By Suzanne Shelton

A lot has been written about how COVID-19 propelled companies to make technology shifts in 3-5 months that they previously thought would take them 3-5 years. 2020 also propelled consumer shifts and expectations. Gone are the days when a company could simply comply with regulations, make social and environmental commitments that were in the “middle of the pack” and run the occasional Earth Day social media campaign.

Americans now expect companies to be Good, and they expect that Goodness to be authentically baked into a company or brand’s reason for being and to be transparently communicated about. So…what exactly do they expect? What do they want companies to do? How do they expect companies to communicate about it? Suzanne Shelton will share trend lines and insights from her firm’s market research work and lay out a framework for how companies and brands can position themselves to meet consumer expectations and win in the court of public opinion.

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