In a way, Covid-19 has made us all fringe consumers.

And today’s fringe will shape tomorrow’s opportunities.

During times of crisis, fringe ideas migrate rapidly into the mainstream. It’s happening right now as we continue to respond to Covid-19. In a way, we’re all fringe consumers right now, and the beliefs and behaviors flooding into the mainstream won’t just evaporate once we’re out of crisis mode.

Through intensive, manual social media analysis, we’ve been tracking the themes you need to know about. Now, they’re available as a downloadable report to help you understand what’s coming in from the fringe – so you can turn potential business threats into opportunities to build business resilience.

Download our fringe-focused report to …

  • learn why consumers think the established system needs to fail
  • understand the power vacuum forming in consumers’ minds
  • see how your corporate responsibility priorities line up with consumers’
  • discover how crisis can actually clear your path forward to resiliency

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Once you’re through the insights, we’d love to hear your questions or your brand’s experience during this unprecedented time.  We’re here to support you in taking a stand for stakeholder capitalism and telling your story about it.